FETC: Telecommunication Network Operations Level 4 (SAQA 59057)

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This qualification will equip a person to perform functions in the Network Operations environment within the telecommunications Industry. Telecommunications covers a wide range of specialization areas. These areas are, Management and surveillance of Information and Communication Technology Networks, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Networks Operations, Installation and Maintenance of Customer Premises Equipment, Operation of Telecommunications Transport Systems, Maintenance of Telecommunication Cables, Installation of Telecommunication Cables , Operation of Telecommunication Lines and Installation of Network Elements. Each specialisation area encompasses a unique, autonomous job function. The qualifying learner will have acquired the knowledge and be able to function as a competent operations specialist in one of the specialisation areas listed above. Multiple specializations is not a requirement for this qualification although natural progression is desirable and allowed. The competencies required for this qualification may be acquired through learnerships or skills programs. Acquiring this qualification has the benefit of addressing problems historically associated with non-OBE training where newly qualified people struggled to get employment due to a lack of experiential training in the workplace.

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