FETC: Beauty and Nail Technician Level 4 (SAQA 80646

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The purpose of the FET Certificate in Beauty Technology NQF Level 4: is to provide service excellence in the field of Beauty and Cosmetology. The Qualification is for people already employed and who intend to follow a career in Beauty and Cosmetology industry. It also serves as a more advanced Qualification into Beauty Technology operations. This FET Certificate in Beauty Technology will be registered at NQF Level 4. The FET Certificate in Beauty Technology level 4 allows the individual to work towards a recognised qualification. It is flexible enough to be offered in formal education and as well as occupational directed workplace and training for learners already employed in the Beauty Technology industry. It aims to develop informed and skilled Beauty and Cosmetology people with the requisite skills, knowledge, values and attitudes. The learners will be able to integrate the generic salon knowledge and skills with those specific to the Beauty and Cosmetology Industry, ensuring the business in which they operate runs smoothly and offers excellence in customer service. It also enables the learner to use competencies, which will grow the business. It will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the Beauty and Cosmetology Industry.

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