GETC: Business Practice Level 1 (SAQA 61755)

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This Qualification will be relevant to anyone preparing to become employed, self -employed or for newly appointed personnel in any type of business. To realise the dream of a better for all people, the entrepreneurial energies of all especially the youth, should be harnessed to contribute towards economic development, Job creation and the alleviation of poverty. Worldwide, various bodies and governments have recognized the importance of entrepreneurship in job creation and as a prerequisite for sustainable economic development. Competent learners will be able to enter the workplace in most sectors and be able to do the entry-level work required of them. Learners would have developed initiative, business skills and entrepreneurial skills which they can apply in a company or establish their own businesses. This qualification is ideal for developing entrepreneurs. It seeks to embed the six key literacies required by business organizations: numeracy, literacy, entrepreneurial, financial, technological and cognitive literacy.

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