ND: Project Management Level 5 (SAQA 58309)

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This National Certificate in Project Management, NQF Level 5 supports the development and recognition of project management skills in every sector. In South Africa there is a widespread need for skilled personnel to work as team members, team leaders, project managers and support specialists to projects. Projects vary in their size and complexity. This qualification focuses on the core project specific skills required to manage or support small to moderately complex projects. It does not encompass all of the skills required but provides a solid foundation of the minimum set of skills needed. The development of project management skills has historically been undertaken on the job and through short courses. There is still resistance to long learning programmes. This Certificate provides one building block in a series of qualifications that an individual or company can utilize to develop project management competence, in conjunction with application in the workplace, over a period of years. The Project industry is integrated in the global business environment and skilled practitioners are required to meet the demands of both community and the industry, providing significant benefits to individuals, global corporations, government and the country. The Qualification gives accessibility and flexibility to the unemployed and employed. The level of flexibility reflects the multiple job roles, organizational requirements and the changing technological nature of the industry and also allows the individual to work towards a nationally recognized Qualification.

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