NC: Real Estate NQF Level 5 (SAQA 20188)

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The National Certificate in Real Estate: NQF Level 5 is designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved in the field of Property and Real Estate and have gained the Qualification at level 4. These learners will be in a position now to consider practice in a supervisory / managerial career in the Property and Real Estate Industry. It is also for learners who wish to be employed in this industry. The Property and Real Estate Industry is a well-established industry and by its very nature a constant supply of customers is ensured. This means there is a need to develop career paths in this field, and it is an industry constantly in need of skilled people. The Real Estate National Certificate at NQF Level 5 supports the objectives of the NQF in that it gives the learner access to a National Qualifications Framework register. It will therefore ensure that the quality of education and training is enhanced, and of a comparable standard to Qualifications in other sectors in South Africa, and comparable to similar Qualifications internationally. The National Certificate in Real Estate: NQF Level 5 allows the learner to work towards a nationally recognised Qualification. The Qualification will allow both those in formal education and those already employed in organisations in the property and real estate industry access to a Qualification that can be used as a benchmark to gauge their competence against local and international standards.

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